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Metric Machine Screws

Compatibility top

Levels of compatibility to the Screwerk standard:

  Level Meaning
0 identical It is the identical screw design.
1 compatible The screw has the same key dimensions but a slightly different thread design. It can be exchanged without any doubt even if specified in drawings.
2 comparable The screw fits the same purpose and key parameters like diameter, length, head design, drive and material do not differ.
3 alternative If a single key parameter except the diameter is different the screw is considered an alterantive.

Compatibility of Screwerk STM screws to other standards:

ISO compatibility with Screwerk STM top

Comparison between the ISO and Screwerk STM norm:

ISO Screwerk Compatibility Advice
ISO 7045 STM32 identical  
ISO 14581 STM41 <M2 similar  
ISO 14581 STM41 M2-M10 identical  
ISO 14583 STM39 <M2 similar  
ISO 14583 STM39 M2-M10 identical  
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